Can you afford not to be protected by Underbody Protection ?


Underbody Protection provide a Thorough & Comprehensive Service. We follow a simple Three Step Process:

Step One: Vehicle pre-preparation

We require your vehicle for a minimum of two days – essentially, this will depend on the amount of pre-preparation work your vehicle requires, eg. mud removal andrust prevention. We raise the vehicle on a ramp and steam clean the whole under body thoroughly. Certain vehicles have poor access (in particular Land Rover chassis) and may require minimal chassis drilling in order to access all parts of the vehicle underside. This is all part of the comprehensive service and Undersealing process we provide and will be agreed with you prior to commencement.

Step Two: Undersealing

Once the pre-preparation (rust prevention and mud removal) has been completed and dried, we use a choice of the either Waxoyl or Dinitrol underseal to provide the best protection available. This is applied to all areas of the underside, in every nook and cranny so that everything is given the lasting protection it deserves. We also pay particular attention to covering all the essential moving parts, eg. Brake discs.

Step Three: Quality control

Before vehicles are handed back to our customers, we allow the vehicle to dry and give it a good final clean and underbody check to ensure that future rust prevention issues are satisfactory and that the coatings (undersealing) have taken and are doing their job.