Our job is to ‘Prevent and Protect’ against rust damage.


This is a business that can help extend the life of your vehicles by preventing and protecting them from the onslaught of rust decay.


What is our aim?

The aim of Underbody Protection is to remove those worries about rust and corrosion. I ensure that every vehicle that benefits from our undersealing process, will have its useable life extended greatly. You will be able to continue to enjoy and maintain your vehicle secure in the knowledge that Underbody Protection has done all it can to prevent and protect your vehicle from the ravages of rust and corrosion.

What do we offer?

We offer this service for most vehicles, in particular four by fours, classic cars, taxis, vans (private and fleet), trailers, horseboxes, in fact most makes and types. Our prices are competitive and our attention to detail and service levels are amongst the best in the industry, so much so, most of our business is from word of mouth.

If you have a vehicle that you’d like to discuss with regards to rust prevention or undersealing, please call me on the number given and let us see if we can help.